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Joli and Bonito Mens Regular-Fit Cotton Crewneck T-Shirt

Product details

Joli & Bonito Brand

Super Soft and Durable: Biowash makes the T-shirts super soft, shinier and more durable. It ensures the t-shirt does not wear out or fade even after multiple washes.

Superior Color Brightness and Glossy Appearance: During the biowash process, rough fibres of the fabric break down giving it a unique touch, that is soft and silky. It also gives the fabric a superior colour brightness and glossier appearance.

100% cotton: We believe in providing the finest materials to our high quality consumer product. Our T-shirts are 100% cotton, because cotton has some unique advantages.

 All Season Comfort: Cotton fibres keep the fabric away from your skin. This creates a thin layer of air that helps you stay cool in summer and warm during colder days. Cotton is a breathable fabric, which allows your body to stay dry, while your skin is still able to “breathe”.

Combine it with anything: The luxury soft characteristics of our 100% cotton t-shirt makes it easy to combine it with almost anything. Wear this high quality t-shirt for a business meeting by combining it with a blazer or wear it casually with jeans or use it on a vacation by combining it with shorts.

180 GSM: It is very important to check the GSM strength of the fabrics as brands prefer to economize on it and offer cheap cloth with less GSM which are easily destructible.

Long Lasting , Durable and High Comfort: 180 GSM makes the T-shirts sufficiently dense to ensure they are long lasting, durable and offer high comfort during summers as a top wear and during winters as an inner wear.


wednesday, november 24, 2021

leonardo dicaprio won best actor at the 88th academy awards. (credit: a.m.p.a.s.)

Joli T-Shirt Crewneck Cotton Regular-Fit Mens Bonito and T-Shirts

a new study led by sdsu researchers finds that leonardo dicaprio’s academy awards acceptance speech corresponded with record levels of public engagement with climate change.
by sdsu newscenter staff