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15 Inch Bitty Baby Doll Clothes Christmas Pajamas

Choose between the pjs.You can purchase the blue dog, the blue snowman, or both!

It will fit your 15" Bitty Baby.

This is for this ready to ship pj. Custom orders will be $14.99 (for one pj).

Doll, shoes, and any socks shown are NOT included.

Orders ship within 24 hours and typically take between 3-10 days to arrive.

wednesday, november 24, 2021

leonardo dicaprio won best actor at the 88th academy awards. (credit: a.m.p.a.s.)

15 Pajamas Christmas Clothes Doll Baby Bitty Inch Dolls, Toy Figures & Accessories

a new study led by sdsu researchers finds that leonardo dicaprio’s academy awards acceptance speech corresponded with record levels of public engagement with climate change.
by sdsu newscenter staff